Friday, January 29, 2021

Aged '10' .......................... what a great contribution


Can you hear the trees?
Swaying all around
But I hear an unfamiliar sound
A tree falls down
Distressed innocent animals
Scurry away from their broken home
The damaged tree 
Gets taken away
To make paper for you and me.


Can you see the waves?
Tumbling onto the plastic filled beach
Oh no!
I can sadly see a boat leaking out its rusty oil.
To my horror
The curious fish 
Swim naïvely up to the surface
Gulping the oil
They become breathless.


Can you hear the animals high above the trees?
Can you see the fish swimming in the sea?
Can you touch the trees standing in the ground?
Can you smell the salty sea with fish swimming  around?


Can you feel the world coming to an end?
I can see catastrophic landfills full of bitter litter.
I can hear a chainsaw cutting down a tree.
I can smell the harmful poison that would kill me and you
I can touch all the horrendous plastic floating in the sea


But there are somethings that we can do
To pull the world through
To help us thrive
And the animals stay alive
We can take more care
In our day to day lives
And think about the world and how we will survive.

© Connie Bennett age 10