Wednesday, January 06, 2021

I grabbed a picture of the wall in our flat and just smashed it.


I remember once
back in the late 60's - 
I grabbed a framed picture off the wall in our flat
and just smashed it on the floor.

I cut my hand from the glass.
It shocked me.
That was me not being emotionally intelligent!

The picture was of no significance - it was just there.

During the next few years I became more aware of my feelings, discovered them and then I started to understand how I could learn to manage my feelings. It has been a journey - still on it - but now a days it is me who decides how to behave despite my emotions.

We were living in a flat above a youth and community centre. The only staff member - dealing with everything.
Seven days a week.
Pressure and worse kicking off.
I just lost it.

I think reaching our own cliff edge
is good.
It teaches us to only go so far.
I had to learn and
I have been learning ever since -
and I believe you do too!

Have you felt stress recently?
Do you tell anyone?
Do you talk it through?
Work at it?
Or do you contain it 
like a capped volcano?
Building up for the next

It has got to come out.
There are different methods.
Some are secretly done.
One person silently releasing pressure/stress.

A better way is to spill.

Share with another human.
Otherwise we wear a mask.
We are not being real.
We are not authentic.

Then Shift happens.

We change
We grow.
We begin to love our feelings.
We welcome the signals.
We can read the semaphore.

We can become code breakers.

Emotional Intelligence is for us all.
For our wholeness
Divine ....................