Thursday, January 27, 2022

Had a few rough days. Lining with pain.

I am taking  9 medications a day. Some multiple doses so I am taking 19 doses some days. 
I am in pain. My back. My backside. My upper legs. 
I strive to take the meds at the best times but the last few days have been tough. 
Getting the right doses before I sleep is worst. Waking up with pain lingers. 
This is cancer. 

So here I am. 
Not able to do things. 
Remember things. 
Dependent upon joan my beloved to think for me. Get me on track & multiple tasks encouragements to keep me focused. 

Just want to let my many friends know why you don’t get responses to your many warm loving enquiring. 

Prayers if your do that. 
Keep in contact if you can cope with my silences.