Friday, August 16, 2013

Emotional Intelligence is about choosing to feel emotions.

Do you speak/behave/write 
full of emotions?
Sometime regretting how they hit out?

Feelings are signals.
Feelings are good - all of them.
but it is important we use these emotions as information
BUT not controlling what you speak/write/behave
Because, it  seems to me, that to be in ADULT emotionally
we all need to express feelings about ourself 
without dumping feelings on others. 

Emotional Intelligence is about feeling the emotions 
but now being controlled by them - but
managing the feelings
(NOT controlling/suppressing them).

Not talking/expressing feelings is suppressing them.
Eventually they will explode
or come out uncontrollably
or stay inside and do worse damage!

Hardening your heart
Numbing your feelings
Impacts every emotion
the beautiful ones
the ugly one
we don't want to lose the beautiful in our lives eh?

Understanding yourself, that inner beautiful you,
is the road less travelled.
So many people are frightened to go there.
BUT it is great - 
why not join me on the road?