Sunday, August 31, 2003

I get some emails which are full of feelings and I am cut deep.
Love it love it
When people open it touches me and I live in wonder
It all helps me to reflect.............

Today I spent an hour in an old Church
Last Sunday four days at a racecourse

Today I went to Church with about 200
Last Sunday with about 15000

Today I took communion on my knees
Last week sat in a circle on a concrete racecourse grandstand

Today I sipped wine from a silver cup
Last week from a plasic one

Today I had a round wafer of bread
Last Sunday a slice of Tesco white bread touched by 20 or so hands before mine

Today I wondered why I was there
Last week I knew why I was alive

Today my mind flew away in all directions
Last week my my soul was offered as a gift again, in one direction

Today I was in Church
Last week-end I was at Greenbelt

Both real
Both my choice
Both part of me and the journey I chose when I was around 21

So I will go on and reflect because I have decided make my life an act of love and work it out in large and small places

I love the concrete.........