Sunday, August 10, 2003

Day of travel and hang around waiting for the crew to arrive to drive the easybitch plane. Who am I to grumble when people have been killed in acar accident, or disfigured for life. I am only inconvenienced.

The day at it's best in a secret cafe where a main course is £3 and total full meal for two is £12 with drinks an all!
Jason was the company. That made it worth the while. Wonder.
We had good chats. He also asked me about my work which triggered a flood of reflections. Good for me. Good for him?

So good to relax and get fit for the wonder -- full experience of a life changing experience.

It is dripping here. Storms the morrow.

I put the letters on the back my hand .........why not a wee bit of ozzie osborne?