Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Beautiful Imperfection.
I had my arm around Charlie on the main stage in Prague. She was opening up herself. She was willing to talk honestly about her compulsive behaviors past and present.

Charlie has over 500 cuts to her body. The hot weather and the need to clothe lightly revealed the self harm to the ymca festival goers. "......and people just stared" she said. "The worst time was when I went into McDonalds just near the festival site and the people in the four long queues just turned and turned their heads, time and time again."
"I felt stripped"

She shared with me before she was interviewed on main stage that no-one had spoken to her. Just stared. During the interview she made it clear she is always willing to talk with people. In fact just before she came on our stage 'one' person from my crew, a young German man called Monty, had been the only person to be open and proactive in conversation. She felt alone at the festival. Among 7500 people.

Little baby nothing ----------------------
is the tattoo across her chest for all to see. Charlie is a remarkable woman of 22 who suffered a massive dose of self harming compulsive behavior between the ages of 15 and 17. Still fighting the anorexia type illness, she carries the scars of her past that others of us, with different scars, can hide.

She survived Prague and enjoyed some. She coped with being alone, the eating hurdles, not depressed, handled the insensitivity of others (including mine) and still able to articulate the experience and then say to me........... "It was a learning experience!"

We have sat and talked. Opened and dug into the feelings (she is so stinking good at 'feelings') She knows there is a journey ahead into wholeness and she is up for it.

She is a remarkable woman who is fighting something unique. She and me want to let everyone know the reality of all this. This learning experience needs to be that for everyone. The minority people 'alone' as well as the big groups of active singing and dancing and the crowds.

"BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION" was a workshop which was cancelled in Prague. She had planned to go. For me she she walks tall alongside these words.

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