Friday, August 15, 2003

I have really been off the blog planet of late.
Now I am back from Prague and weeks of preparation I slide wondrously into Greenbelt which is my soul-home. Love it love it.

Greenbelt has such a good published programme and yet I am always shocked and delighted by the new things, the passionate things - all coming from pulling 15000 members of Gods creation together to party!

I have returned from the Prague experience with all sorts of buzz. I will turn it into sense for my soul and I guess you will read some of it. It is incredible on the back of all that, going into my mission as a group worker and leading groups to knife their own soul in search of honesty. Setting a scene in a climate of trust where people can share and be honest with such things as 'feelings'. Also taking that risk to be open about the scars from the past which linger on. It is a MASSIVE learning for me and I am sure for them as we search out the meaning of life. Often from a life of failure which includes drugs, prison, family conflict, drink, low self esteem and more.

I love the adventure of self discovery and group learning. A group talking and listening. I feel so close as we share. Thanx for and to you if we have shared over the years. You have helped to mold me. God has helped to mold me through you. Thank you for showing me what God is like through your personality and character which is made in Gods image.

love it