Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blob Family

..... I think many of those beautiful humans, like you, who read my blog are-
'people persons'.

Or humans who care about others who are either looking them in the eyes - or care about beautiful humans at the other side of the world - even.
The ones who are suffering and sometimes at a position of 'survival'.

Here I am using one of eight drawings, from an A4 sheet, which are part of a story.
It is a story for those using to explore human interactions.
No right or wrong in the story.
But a fantastic way of facilitating the opening of human minds ....... and interaction which is ::
- developmental
- interactive
- and active learning.

These are some of the questions which I would use when conducting a group work session.
Can you consider procesing hrough and answering the questions yourself?
Better still with another human?

Here goes ::

What is happening here?

Which one has the most negative feelings?
Which one is hiding?
What are the feelings?
Which one is holding hands with - self?
Which ones are touching another?
Where is the eye contact going?
Which ones eyes are going into space?
Who is the centre of attention?
Is the one in the middle happy?
Which one do you feel like now?
Which one of these was you once-upon-a-time?
- at your worst?
- in a relationship?
- in a group?

Hope that was ok for you?
it is better when it is conducted with others
- another human
the interaction is the beauty
- and we feel more too!!!

It is one of 56 such tools in ::

Only available from me at £12 including postage.