Wednesday, May 03, 2006

which one
of these blobs is::


which one is you when you feel 'most vulnerable?
which one is you when we snap out at the ones who love us?
which one are you - 'most often'?
which one urges you to overeat, drink, smoke, drugs, duvet dive or ............. ?
which one most irritates you in another human?
are you more accepting of their imperfection - or yours?
do we recognise the HALT feelings and send the right messages to the brain?
do you feel angry because I ask you these questions?
which one of the blobs is the one you would be most concerned about?
which one of these blobs would be most oppressive in the workplace?
have another look!
which one of the blobs would be most difficult to live with in another human?

who will you talk with about this?
who would you NEVER show this to?
why not?

which question above did you avoid asking of yourself?

do you still love me ?

Yours ::

(This is part of an A4 sheet - a tool to aid development of humans
- many similar are in THE BIG BOOK OF BLOBS
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