Thursday, May 11, 2006

..... good idea ........ take the day off and take Joan out for a nice birthday lunch.
Best pub we know.
Great food.
Glass of champagne - of course.
Then to Tescos to do some shopping.

Then a phone call.
A spare ticket for the Lords Cricket match today - the first test match.
Dave, Ann's man, had a spare ticket and offered it to Joan because he knows she is a fanatic - and likes cricket too!

So off they go - the two of them and I had a catch up day in the office until she got home at 9.30. The Sheilas met Dave an Joan in a pub afterwards for a bite to eat ......... and see their Mum on her birthday. Nice. I love it love love it happening .............. such precious times.

Got a lot done.
More to do.