Thursday, October 26, 2006

............. 5 restless hours in bed and my mobile/alarm takes me from awake to
'have to be awake'.

5.30 I have had my morning (healthy) porridge, boots on (no shorts for this trip) and Zombie-like - I am out d door with bags packed for the strict security at Stansted Airport. That is 4 hours before take off - lots a time allowed for traffic and security checks.

The with a delay on top - I relaxed and slumbered on the 2.5 hour light to Helsinki. My unsettled body frame responded to the deep breathing as I pressed 'pause'.
Sipping water from my plastic cup.

Anders Trentemoller was in my ears, head and soul. I love the new album. I will post a wondrous track on my piPod soon. Hope you have the sound up on my blog?

I had bought some new ear plugs (Sennheiser cx300) ........ I have been using Sony ones for years but they seem to self destruct after two months of hard use.

Also - I was on the pen in the little book.
(I always write at airports - I did a fab thing when I was going on holiday in July but have not typed yet)
I was writing about 17/18 of::

"101 Habits of a Human Becoming" ..... this could be a book?
The first one is::
A Human 'becoming' ....
1 Can feel their own feelings and get in touch with each one.
2 Can distinguish between feelings and thoughts.
Well ..... that's two. I will bounce them off you soon and get your view to see if I am pitching it right to be helpful.

Anyway I am here - wondrously met at the Airport by Anna, and a beautiful human volunteer who's name I forget, and transported to a city centre Hotel which belongs to the YMCA. See the last pic here - outside the hotel with the YMCA sign in the background.
Here is my base but will be running session in different venues.
I have set up for a 8.30-11.30 Training Session for Youth Workers in the morning (up at 5 UK time and starting at 6.30am).
I am not complaining - I love this stuff and I will bBlessed as much as anyone in the coming days .......

Thanx for being there
being beautiful ...............

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.