Friday, October 13, 2006

...... leading into this eye operation on Tuesday .....
...... I have never had a 'general anaesthetic before.

So I hand my life over to the eye surgeon.
Act of faith I guess.

Interesting - when he was probing me months ago, when I went for the diagnosis, he was interested in what I did as a living and a mission.
I had just been reading the Guardian in my long waiting room parking place.
So I told him about the young man who I knew and was in the Guardian that day.
He had just been imprisoned for the murder of a 72 year old woman. I recognised the name in the paper and talked with him about such extreme deprivation and terrible crime.
A terrible crime.
We chatted about such as he probed my eye with a 3 inch long needle............

Yesterday my visit to France turned out to be Romford.
One big job was to move our bank from Nat Worst, after 40 years, to the Co-op Bank.
Ethical reasons only.
Sorry it is so late.
40 years late!
It was for ethical reasons and because I had some head space to do it.

I felt like I had no pressure today - being on holiday. Unusual for me as I normally have a forthcoming big gig churning in my soul - which pushes anything domestic to the back burner.

So yesterday I felt relaxed with energy but sleepy/tired as soon as I sit down - that is relaxed!!
I am still making notes in preparation for the things I need to do - do you do that?

Is there anyone out there who is keen to curry near Newcastle - I am keen to come up that way to join a gang for a curry and a good evening out ....... I will encourage a few more of the London 'Platform 18' Curry Group to come and join you/us/me/you ......... say January February??

Just a though - just come to me ........ we could maybe do an iPod Show before that too????

............ you are beautiful ...............

ps:: the pic is from the iPod Show - the meal afterwards .....