Sunday, November 19, 2006

I get inspired when I meet humans .......... and I spend a lot of time in my work being a support worker in a one-on-one.

It is never the same - all unique humans - all unique circumstances.........
... sometime someone is going through a tough time and need a good listening to.. .......
.... other times it maybe that someone is not performing at work and is in need of support and affirmation - aren't we all?
.... and then there is the ones who have decided they need professional supervision - in my trade called 'Non-Managerial Supervision'. This means that I am in no way connected to the management system and a million miles away fro being their Line Manager. Often in these situation, I listen and sometimes ask questions which open up the human and they discover pearls within their experience which can be directional and motivational.
...... other times there is a situation such as being harassed or even abused in the workplace.
..... sometimes it is a Student who needs supervision as part of their course.

All this helps me.
I come alive.
I get paid for this stuff
and I love it.

I meet with others not it is not work but non the less inspirational.
Had a coffee with Mr Singh after Church today. He is a great man of wisdom and ...........
I love listening to him and placing his words in a fishing net so I can catch a big one!

Met with 'James Xhevahir Gjini' last week, I call him James, what a great man.

When you go into Costa Coffee you have to ask for Fair Trade Coffee - usually they have it an do it for you.

Starbucks Coffee
When you go in you see multiple signs saying::
'Fair-trade coffee brewing here'
last time I went into one just outside Ealing Tube Station - I asked three times for Fair Trade Coffee and still did not get it.
When i pressed the case with the third Staff member - I was told that the signs about 'fresh fair trade coffee brewing' - these were about 'filter coffee' which you have to ask for.
Default is rip off coffee and both are riding on the backs of the Fair Trade movement and selling their coffee (the coffee from humans who don't get fair wages actually)
Please consider ASKING for Fair Trade ..................
.... and spreading the word around your friends ....

and enemies

I had the coffee with James and was inspired by his energy and commitment.
We both talked about Ian Luck, a Romford man, who has lived and run a large YMCA in America but has now gone to live in Albania for a year. He will be working with the YMCAs there to help support them as they try to develop a strong YMCAs movement which builds healthy minds bodies spirits and communities in that nation - so poor and needy.

James is from Kosova and has been here for nearly 9 years. So many humans are prejudiced about such a beautiful human. Usually because they are a million miles from mixing with them. Often they are in a bubble, often inflated by such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express, and are fed by stories of horror which polarises.
"That shall not be the way among you" - comes to mind.

James is a man of passion and mission. In the early days, following the horrors and slaughter in Kosova, when so many fled for their lives - I started a support network across East London.
He was traumatised himself.
He became the Chairman. Now he is keen to use his "vast experience" - my words - to help everyone he knows but also the deprived in his own nation - as is Ian Luck.

As I have travelled to eastern Europe, since 1990, I am shocked by how many times those nations have been occupied by other nations.
We in the UK do not know what it is like to have invaders over centuries. (Historically we have been the occupier! )
They have seen all their men being sent to Siberia or having their hands cut off.
Because we are an island here in the UK - we have been saved from all that and can be insensitive to it all who have had a very different experiences. I have met so many people of vocal Christian faith like this - sadly.

Next time you hear an accent which is not your own - try asking
"Where is your accent from?"
and then following it with a few questions of depth.
One question is to ask how long their country have had their Independence and be ready for the shock ......

Kosova has still not got Independence ...............

.you - you are beautiful ............