Monday, November 06, 2006


feeding energy
feeding inspiration
feeding ideas
feeding soul
feeding faith
feeding Festival

Have now returned from off-line and a big country mansion in the Cotswolds.
It has been the Greenbelt Festival Trustee Residential.
We met in a big wondrous house using a big warm library as our conference room
Some of us slept in a smaller cottage on the estate.
I am tired and inspired .........

About 25/30 years ago our family and me lived and worked in a tough part of East London. Our Chairman Mark, and his wife Iona, made this family home available to us for a few times during these battered years. We stayed in the same cottage on the estate and enjoyed the peace and travelled around including visits to Cirencester and Gloucester.
Years later I drove in the dark to a Greenbelt week-end and it turned out to be the same venue from a quarter of a century before - stinking wow ....

Mark died from cancer some three years ago but Iona carries on making her home available for such gatherings as we have just held. Wonderful to speak with her again and catch up on her news.

We Greenbelters spent some great hours together looking, developing and deciding on such things as Greenbelt::
Bigger Picture
Target Number
Less is more
Year long Festival
Aiming young
Artistic strategy
The prophetic
Inter faith
.................... and more ...........

All the discussion and decisions will journey on in the way they guide our fantastic small team of staff and our wondrous 3000 volunteers who pull the festival together during the year hmmmmm

Amongst the gathered clan we have Trustees from the real world who do such jobs in::
Law Lecturing
Youth Work
Event Management
Urban regeneration
........ and we missed a few of our special group ......

If you have never been to Greenbelt ............. consider keeping the Bank Holiday in August 2007 FREE (that is the last week-end in August) ........... I will guarantee it will change your life - with your permission of course ........... bbbbbbbb but - it will not make you more beautiful -
100% you have
it is all you get
it could help with the 'feeling beautiful' thing tho ..........