Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just watched the video diary of
Willie Williams

on U2 dot com.
Only to be seen if you are a member of U2 dot com website.
Also a bit of news about them as they do the Ozzie Show ....

On Stage with the ShowGirl

Bono was on stage with Kylie Minogue in Sydney last night, performing a pop-perfect version of Kylie's 'Kids'.

'Ladies and gentleman we are in the company of greatness tonight, ' said Kylie, about an hour into her second comeback show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. 'Put your hands together for ... Bono!'

'And we'll paint by numbers
Till something sticks
Don't mind doing it for the kids...'

As if the audience weren't already elated at seeing Kylie back on stage following her illness, the arrival of Bono raised the temperature still higher.

'Here Kitty, Kitty!' he called, as Kylie - dressed as a leopard and moving as gracefully - danced with him through a flawless rendition of her 2000 hit. By the end of the song she was on her knees, saying 'all you need to do is make some noise...'

Adam, Larry and Edge were also enjoying Kylie's comeback tonight - taking advantage of the one night off in the band's series of three Sydney shows.

.... and a better set of music was played in Sydney::
Third show in, second in Sydney and the temperature is rising as Desire makes the set. From Blinding Lights to Kite, here's what they played tonight.

City of Blinding Lights
Until The End of the World
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Love and Peace
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Where The Streets Have No Name

Zoo Station
The Fly
With or Without You

The Saints Are Coming

oh to be there .............