Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Humans ....

..... have two floors in our life
Ground Floor where we invite our friends,
the gas man,
the milk man,
the neighbour ....

and we have an
where we dump stuff.

We have both ..............
Upstairs and Downstairs.

When things are worn out, eyesores, unsightly -
they are understandably placed out of sight in the attic.

We don't have to see it up there.
Others won't see it there.

When we don't like certain parts of ourselves
some ugly events
a spoiled relationship
emotional bruising
an uncomfortable emotion
or an error of judgement
.......... we put them in the attic
out of site
out of mind
buried alive ........... in the attic.

The attic will eventually become full
we will become scared of it all falling in on us
will it collapse on us?

The attic - we all have an attic
The attic is our subconscious
The attic is sometimes called 'suppression'.

If we live our lives with the aim of being authentic
we will be willing and able to
display and reveal
some of our
which is a skill to be learned
called Emotional Literacy.

If we can do this

we will not be overloaded upstairs.
We will be working it out
unloading it - not storing it.

Emotional energy will be then available for others and ourselves.
Emotional energy will then not be wasted keeping all that stuff hiding away
Emotional energy will not be wasted on unease about an imminent collapse.

Level Five communication
is all about living on one floor

One life

Level Five
L5 communication is all about being open and honest.
It is about revealing ourselves.
It is about self revelation.