Thursday, April 16, 2009

home |hōm|
1 the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household :
• the family or social unit occupying such a place :
• a house or an apartment considered as a commercial property :
• a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or fromwhich it originates :
• informal a place where an object is kept.

When I was working with Gangs in East London.
I led a team of forty Youth Workers.

We had male and female workers and the women were usually the best.
Local Mums - diamonds.

I went to see Jim Punton every six weeks or so.
He was a kind of supportive professional non-managerial supervisor.
Giving freely his support to me.
I talked - he listened.
Sometime he asked questions and sometimes he made comments
all part of my learning.

One time I remember I said to him -
'I don't feel spiritual anymore'.
I think I had become hard
losing my resilience.
God seemed distant.

He said to me
'I am glad'.

You can see why I remember that!
In discussion he explained.
'I am glad because you are going through change.'
The process of leaving one island to sail to another
choppy seas and stuff.
Uncertainty as to getting there.
All brings insecurity and it is a normal process
of change.

That must have been 1980ish.
I still remember
still need that wisdom.

It is like the quote I mentioned in a blog below
'Vision over visibility'.

We cannot always see our destination.
We need a vision but sometimes
we have to ALSO experience invisibility.

Home is the journey for me and Joan at the moment
Vision over invisibility.

Your journey?
Your vision?
Have you considered?
Have you talked about it with anyone
not for answers but for reflection?
Sharing stuff feels like holding hands with your Dad.