Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hey beautiful human
do you feel beautiful right now?
I am not meaning
the 'mirror beautiful' you
your soul?
The heart of you?
The human inside -
maybe unknown to no-one other than you?
Maybe not you - even?

Just checking.
you are beautiful.

When was the last time someone told you
'you are beautiful'?

I am saying it ................. now
and I mean it ...............
I am feeling beautiful -
not that I think of that -
but asking you
reminds me!
I have felt a disturbed human this week.
The UK election has done it.
Not their fault,
it is my connection emotionally with it.

It is not a self interest thing.
I am concerned about the fragile ones.
THAT has churned my soul this week.
It is still going on because it is not over yet.
This week I learned what 'prose' is!
It was said that I write in 'prose and poetry'!
As for me - I just write.
Let it come out of the soul.
Dictionary search re prose
it seems I write 'poetry-prose'.
I didn't know that!
At Greenbelt tomorrow.
Trustees meeting and I will love it.
We are responsible for GB
so required to see big picture and
vision beyond visibility.
Sunday Joan and me are going to watch the Saints.
The are playing in the Challenge cup against
Quins Rugby League, at the Twickenham Stoop.
We win = we go on to next round.
We lose = zilch.

Knockout Rugby
I will be worried again.
This week - lots of worry.
There is a game on BBC TV both
Saturday and Sunday.
This game is important to me.
And we don't often play in London town.
I have been asked to write a regular fortnightly article
on my kinda stuff - just like blogging as a job.
I love it love it.
Subject is::
Social and Emotional Insight.
I am working in Bradford this coming week.
The sort of gig I love.
Working with a team doing fantastic work
with kids on the edge .................
Joan has bought me tickets for the London
Concert of Gil Scott-Heron ......... wow.
It is Christian Aid week starting Sunday.
I believe in this stuff.
They do things we cannot do.
All over the world.
Watch out for the video which will play
above on my player.
be moved ...............
Flying Lotus album - great
Gil Scott-heron new album - great
I have been asked to got to South Africa.
Do you believe, like me, that a kiss is most wondrous?
Best when delivered to frogs ..............
I have had to get an Oyster card for travelling on the London Tube.
For the last 10 years I have had a free pass.
Moving out of London means I don't have now, now have to pay!
My iPhone camera is poor but
next month the new iPhone will have a 5g camera hey hey.
Last week at a gig in Birmingham
I met a stranger - who was Peter Smith - Rev!
Then, I suddenly knew him because he worked with me
some 40 years ago - no-wonder he his face was a stranger.
It was great to see him.
He is now an Inner City vicar doing great things.
He was a young energetic member of our team
doing some great work with young people on the edge.
Toughest of times for all of us.
He was a group worker with Pete Oliver, in a group of young offenders.
eight boys - a great youth work model using boundary management.
Futuristic at it's time - guess still is ........

I was amazed to see him looking so old - how come?
He grows older - when I look just the same?
I am inspired by,
(I am going to bed now -
it will take 2.5 hours to Greenbelt tomorrow)
I am am inspired by a writer called Luke.
It is a Manifesto
I love it
see Chapter four:18
Now that would be a good one politically ............