Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It is raining in Soho London
A cuddly cafe
I am alone.
Not lonely.
My date is a no-show.
I am worried about him.

Greenbelt was good this year.
It always always is.
I enjoyed it.
I did not enjoy myself this year.

Someone has sent me the most beautiful email.
Observations during my Greenbelt workshop.
Of humans
about humans

I would love to blog it.
It was beautiful in description of how humans
communicated without words.
Like flowers opening to the sun.

The email is much better than the audio recording of it.
Not heard it yet.
I cringe when I hear me.
The same reason why I hate the phone .....

What excites me is seeing one step humans.
Take one step.
One into a development zone where grow resides.

And what do you yearn for?
Name it.
Make it concrete
In your soul

and tell someone
or , at least,
write it down.......

-- Post From My iPhone