Thursday, September 23, 2010

-- Post From My iPhone

Brussels a graffiti city. Real art some of it.
I am Eurostarring home.
This form of travel so so good. Comfortable. Try it. Quick. Chocolate City is only two hours from London non stop.
I will miss Ann's birthday today 23/9. She is working editing a TV programme in her role as Director/Producer. She will be slipping out for lunch with three other Sheilas - Joan Joy and little 7 months old Connie. A unique occasion. And miss!!

I found the U2 gig last night to be moving. The band were really on form. Bono in fine voice and energised. The sound was incredible. I was in the crush just at the side of the sound tower. Great for vibe but I never saw the band but watched everything on the big screen.
Massive improvements were
Lighting/film/video/images/entry-exit/the prayers/the appeal for us to consider justice -fronted on screen by Desmond Tutu/pace/momentum/2 new songs/I believe in a Kingdom come when all colours bleed Ito one/the crown generous with goforit and genuine applause/deep spirituality/Mercy- a new song/powerful beams of white light pointing upwards into space beyond beyond eyesight beyond humanness/how I shivered as my comfort was disturbed and my disturbed comforted/inner weeping during ONE- such an important and meaningful song in my life/only love can leave such a scar/Magnificent/...... And beyond ......

I need to trail through the playlist and recall a my stirrings during each track offering.
Another new track at the show tonight? Another concert in Brussels but never the same/repeat
Each unique
Catch a train and see it

I await getting into UK G3 connection so I can blog this.
I am still moved.