Thursday, June 09, 2011

I am a group worker.
My chosen work - I yearn to do this ....
.... it is group work.
I love it
I struggle with it
struggle in it
but boy oh boy
I see beauty ...............

Few of us are not part of a Team
or Group and
I am counting 'family'
as our primary group.
We often learn most
by soaking information in like a sponge.
Not just head knowledge.

We are
as a member of a group.

We often learn most by soaking information in like a sponge.
Our quality of life depends on the groups and teams which we belong to.
How we relate to these teams depends on our personal skills
and our stated, or un-stated, and lived-out personal mission.
(See my Mission Statement)
We all have a style of how we relate to other humans
and we don't have to retain the one we practice at the moment.

When I conduct training courses I often use an 'experiential style'.

1 We learn best, it seems to me, when we are personally involved.

2 If knowledge is discovered by our own experiences - it then is more able to be applied to living life.

3 Commitment is highest when we set our own objectives/goals/targets.

4 A good course gives reflective time before departure to;
- reflect on the experience, the concepts and ideas raised in the experience and
- concrete naming of the steps which the individual has decided to take.

Change change change
I am in that at the moment
I am always at it
I am noticing it a lot this week.

How do you change?
Are you

In my life I have come to this place
of how humans change::

1. Slow despair, boredom.

2. They hurt sufficiently.

3 The sudden discovery that they can.