Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am writing

because I am feeling
but don't know
how I am feeling

Music is playing
as always
Gilles Peterson
my favourite - of all music
captured via Radio
during the night.

I feel emotional
the music penetrates my soul
I feel.

I have lots to do
articles to write
loads of admin
going away tomorrow
and again next week
I feel disconnected
feel unfocused.

I am back after making
a milky coffe/strong.

When I am out and about
I like a Coffee Latte
and do the same
when working at home.

I have made a few decisions.
I have crammed my diary too full.
I have lost all my 28k photos
Big John tells me to have faith
I need that.

I need the photos too.
I need them for my emotional life
but also to prepare for challenges
prep for gigs forthcoming.

I have now returned to this page
now 3.30 pm.
Done a lot
packed for tomorrow.
List of must do's done
other priority essential
to-do's ............not.

Tomorrow me
and Mrs Beautiful go away.

Two days in France.
First time we have been away together
for almost 4 years.
Moving from Wilson Mansions
to Mini Mansions two years ago
has played a big part in this.

We are heading for Reims
maybe my favourite place to go
for a short break.

wi-fi permitting
I will Blog
Pipturesques too.

I will leave with these level five bits
from the soul of a L5 student.