Friday, September 13, 2013

Working at what I love to do. Working at getting in a new groove.


We are in a groove
and miss the outside
of the groove.
I am working
Working at what I love to do.
Working at NOT doing so much.
Working at getting in a new groove.

How many grooves in a
45 rpm long play record?

The answer is ONE
Always ONE.

It's so with life.
Yet it can be played at different speeds.
Distortion, uncomfortable
NOT as designed - created.

I need to recreate the record.
Still play music
but at 33 rpm NOT 45 rpm.

My kidneys
The tell me
can't process my adrenaline
at 45 rpm
But the music goes on 
I need to play at slower speed.

So I am taking days off.
Two days a week.
No Inbox - logjams ignored
slower to respond.

The position - however
I don't know how best
how to use these two days
and still spin music.
Playing beautiful music.

I don't do traditional.
Golf, gardening zzzz
I read - but always purpose filled.
Not liesure - fiction
and I don't want
EVER to be a couch potato.

I will get on my bike more
I will walk more
I will jump the groove
Into different music
Go places I need to go
Where I am not used to going
because growth
does not reside
in a place called
45 rpm - for me
The future me ..............