Thursday, May 21, 2015

It soothes our sorrows - heals our wounds .....

There is no shadow
of turning with you .......

We all have secrets.
There is a lot going on in there.
Your exterior is busy.
Your interior is busier.

We all have secrets.
We are all in danger
of living two lives::
1 Presented to others
2 The one we hold secret.

You can be in danger.
Danger of collision.
Danger of one cracking.
The failure of exterior -
failing to keep our interior 
in lockdown.

It seems that the exterior shell
was working good and proper.
But what about the interior human?

If we carry strong feelings inside,
and pretend they don't exist, 
it is like wrapping the issue up in a brown paper package.
Then it is pushed down inside our gut.
And the next one, and the next one ......

Over the years we keep these unresolved wounds
we keep these unresolved feelings
we keep these unresolved broken relationships
we keep these unresolved emotional scars
we keep the brown paper parcels
inside our gut -
not buried dead
but buried alive .......

We then use up so much emotion
just keeping them down
keeping them inside
keeping them locked-down.

Many humans then seek professional help.
Counsellors are trained to help with this.
Each parcel and be removed
opened up, talked about,
not hidden anymore
one at a time
and the pressure comes off.

If we don't do this things can go wrong.
Behaviour will be changed as the interior leaks.
Emotions driving behaviour.
The exterior human cannot contain the pain.

We can encounter
or be an extreme case.
Erratic behaviour to another maybe.
Isolation another.
Alcohol, chemicals and ........

Another, positive response, is to join up the dots.
Bringing both interior/exterior together.
Being more open
(see my clicks about 'Level Five')
Working at mask removal
(we can still keep our secrets)
but sharing more of our vulnerability.
Vulnerability is a strength NOT a weakness.

It soothes our sorrows
heals our wounds …….