Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Joining the Inner/outer DOTS

We can learn from our own experiences
Only if we reflect.
Only if we reflect emotionally.
Only if we journey outside our comfort zones
Only if we  dig into self
as was
as now 
as want to become .......

We are all able to join the road to BECOMING .....

It helps if we reflect on our past.
It releases some inner emotion.
It digs up stuff which
has been buried alive.
It releases us - me - you !
when we share those reflections with others
it is a
much more the powerful the experience.
We open up like a flower to the SUN.

We are then BECOMING .........

Joining the journey
connecting the 
inside dots
to the 
outside dots

Connecting past experience DOTS
to the current experiences - DOTS

Let's hold hands in our BECOMING ..........