Friday, May 22, 2015

Greenbelt Festival - get yourself a pitch, peg your tent and your soul here


Making The Bright Field as bright as can be

Hello! Thanks so much as always for your generous and committed support for Greenbelt as an Angel. 
We don't think you've bought your tickets to be with us in The Bright Field this summer (but we might be wrong!). So this is a gentle reminder to do so soon – before they sell out – if you are intending to join us.
But, knowing that some of you support the space we make without always standing in it, we have a favour to ask ahead of the last Bank Holiday weekend before the one on which gather for the festival at the end of August.
 Have you got friends, family members or colleagues who you’d love be at Greenbelt? People who you know would treasure it and be transformed by the experience?
You’ll know that we’ve made more weekend tickets available. But what we want to do is to sell these tickets as soon as we can – giving us the predictable and early income we need this year.
So, even if you can’t be there (and we hope you can!), please help us by spreading the word about more weekend tickets being on sale, and thinking about one person in particular who you could invite to be at the festival this summer.
Thank you,
The Greenbelt Team

Blog features on this year's festival lineup

Check out the blog for regular feature pieces on the great lineup we're assembling for GB15: The Bright Field. From The Bogside Mural Artists to Grace Petrie, it's looking good.

Share this link to our online box office

We've made 1,500 more weekend tickets available. Child & youth tickets are held at £50, there are concession deals and a 'deposit and balance' payment option, too.

Calling all students: explore Greenbelt

Often at the forefront of social and political progress, students have changed the world through creativity and campaigning. Greenbelt, too, is a festival about change.