Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When U2 came to town

The day begins the night before. The GA Line. thoughts go to them out all night, even though this time round all GA are guaranteed to be close up.
They want to be closer…
Instagram’s emerge. We are coming! At the airport. In the pub. 8000 miles or down the road. We bought the tickets, we put on our colours. we buy the badges, the t’s & the VIP’s
We met the band! They signed our stuff. they are married to Brazillians! We signed their (ONE) stuff. We brought our families, our friends we met. We selfied the set. And the setlist.
We stood at the stairs. We went backstage. The riggers went up. The lights went down. Love came to our town.
With awe, joy, grace — they filled that space. Bigger than all the mighty gear that fills dozens of trucks.
We got up close, we put up our periscopes. God Save The Queen. Watching Iris running, from a bedroom on Cedarwood Road.
We tweeted the setlist, at the chords first strike.
‘That pre-Raised By Wolves bit doesn’t carry 1% of the weight over the internet that it does in person. Gotta be there’. said Matt
Johnny Cash showed up. BB (King) was in the house. The Meerkat popped its head up, spluttered then vanished. We hope she will return another day.
‘In the presence of giants and some very large 49ers’ said the singer and we did sing Pride for Baltimore, Ferguson. ‘Inside its America;’ said Stefan
‘Bono gives props to the Bay Area for fighting the HIV epidemic, leading the way on how world can be shaped’ said Sherry.
We waited for ‘shine like stars’ in WOWY, as we do every time. It didn’t come…. this time… but the stars did shine. in front of the screen, inside the screen. without the screen.

And we do it all again tomorrow. #u2ietour

bigwave, time traveller.