Friday, August 21, 2015

Love is not a feeling .............


Love is a great feeling
but love isn’t a feeling.

I love so many people.
My heart goes out to so many people.
When I meet them for the first time
When I get to know them
When I feel uncomfortable with them
I love them ………….

Yet LOVE is not a feeling
Love is a decision
Love is a commitment
Love is beyond a feeling
Love is despite behaviour
Love is beyond it being reciprocal 
Love is an acceptance of someone’s whole being
Love is even EVEN
acceting valuing forgiving

So here I am pondering my feelings
and pondering this thing called love.

Love is something I believe in
I feel love - but somehow
being committed to loving someone
is deeper than just a feeling.

Feelings come in waves
Maybe they are 
yearning …….

Sometimes behaviour attitude violence aggression
is felt - and those feelings are not nice.
But then those feelings can be overridden by a deeper commitment,
the well being - the 'wholeness becoming' of that person.

So the encounter, the interaction, the relationship with a person
can be distasteful in our mouths
can be sleeplessness because of concern for own safety and/or this other.
But love can be present.

This can be love.
This commitment to accepting valuing another despite behaviour language ….
Can be love because there is a commitment beyond a feeling.

Love one another as I have loved you ………..
The greatest commandment is to love you neighbour - your enemy even.
Love is laying down your life for one another.

I was facilitating a training course for psychotherapists and counsellors,
and someone asked me a question in the coffee break.
‘What do you think about ISIS?’

I said 'they are beautiful humans'
every one
but their behaviour is atrocious.
I believe they are mainly young people
fighting for purpose/excitement/thrill/belonging/cause
led by a small number of older men who see the eradication
of others as an answer to their ideology.
Beautiful Humans too - but their values????

I believe they desperately need love in their lives.
Love beyond boundaries.
To love those who differ
Love those who commit crimes against them
Those who hate them ………..
Love WINS.

I don’t know what love is - I am yearning to become that sort of loving person.

My Mission Statement says this::
(What does yours say?)