Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Otherwise it is ‘self alienation’ .............

I have the words SELF ALIENATION in my mind of late.
I have blogged about it this week.
Sometimes a thought comes to mind
and I blog it or post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Other times I feel I need to click these keys and let it stream.
For 40 years or more I have reflected like this.
Initially on paper and nowadays online.

I had/have to reflect
because I am becoming …………

I need to reflect on life as I trip and fall into experiences
along with the chosen pathways.
The road less travelled is the BECOMING ………

Being honest with yourself is part of BECOMING.
Beyond that relationship between our own internal/external life
is our relationships with other beautiful humans.

The best relationships always include
reporting our internal life to one another.
If we don’t do that we are L2 *

L2 is FACTS in my Level Five model of communication.
This is limiting our reporting to activities, happenings - events!
Only when we get to share L4 = Feelings does a relationship really kicks in.

If we are scared of sharing who we are with ‘anyone’
we are not being authentic - Real - Alive
(it seems to me where I am at)
We are wearing a mask.
We are holding a shield.
We are hiding our vulnerability
(Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness)

Becoming ….. is becoming fully alive.
We will never be complete
NEVER will we arrive but the journey is wondrous
for me - feeling all the feelings
(stealing the five FEELINGS from the PIXAR Movie ‘Inside-Out’ )
Fear / Disgust / Sadness / Anger / Joy
are all living inside of me
and I want to let them out ………….. indeed I must!

Otherwise it is ‘self alienation’