Tuesday, August 04, 2015

.... this means we have to take risks ......

Wanting to collide with others
for mutual growth and development
means we have to take risks.
Always so for our own development.

When it is reaching out to others 
it means taking risks
of experiencing
self disclosure
even abuse - sometimes.

BUT if we are to love
it means taking risks.
Outside comfort zones 
where growth resides
for both of us.

Many people will not take such risks.
They stay close to their comfortable
their safety comfort humans
so they don’t sacrifice security
for freedom and growth.

These beautiful humans,
which may include you,
then exclude the joy of relating
to so many humans different than themselves.
THIS can be described as 'Self alienation’.

Do you cling to the known?
or do you step beyond for others?

Can you decide where you are?
Then decide on how you want to be in the future?