Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blob Tree Collection for schools / Education - Social & Emotional Learning

A Blob Schools Collection

Full collection of Blob scenes with a Schools theme, includes : Blob Assembly (colour & b&w), Blob Behaviour (4 colour & 2 b&w)Blob Bullying (colour & b&w)Blob Choir (colour & b&w)Blob Classroom (colour & b&w)Blob Coffee Break (colour & b&w)Blob Computer (colour & b&w)Blob Exams (colour & b&w)Blob First Day (colour & b&w)Blob Friends (colour & b&w)Blob Hometime (colour & b&w)Blob Lessons (colour & b&w)Blob MealsBlob Parents EveningBlob Playground (colour & b&w)Blob Prayer (colour & b&w)Blob Pupils (colour & b&w), Blob School (colour & b&w), Blob Sports Day (colour & b&w)Blob Study Tree (colour & b&w)Blob Swimming (colour & b&w)Blob Talents (colour & b&w).
Black & White & Colour versions (where available) all included
A total of 47 Blob Scenes in this pack (including black & white and colour variants)
* the purchased images come without watermark and in full resolution
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