Thursday, February 16, 2017

Looking for LIFE in Norway. Yearning the Beautiful.

Tecla write, write Tecla. 
Write about what your eyes have seen, the snow, the people, the clean towns. 😇😇
Write about what you have heard, the sound of water dripping over a frozen river, the beautiful Norwegian songs, the echo from roof tops. 😊
Write about what you have smelt, the fresh mountain air, the sweet smell of different perfumes. 😍😍
Write about what you have tasted, the new food, the chocolate banana, the water from Vos 😊😊
Write about what you have felt, the sun shining with no warmth, the uncertainty of standing and skating on a frozen lake, the joy of learning more about yourself and loving yourself a little bit more 😎😎
Write about what you miss, your family and friends, doing house chores, eating ugali and sukumawiki, going to church, sleeping on your bed with Jasper(your cat).
Write Tecla, Tecla write!!