Thursday, March 16, 2017

So very sad ................

Joe, who had suffered from serious mental health issues and was said to have felt his life was hopeless, had researched train times and speeds on the internet in the months before his death.
The coroner, Alan Blunsdon, said that he was satisfied Joe, had meant to take his own life.
“Joe was feeling hopeless and felt like nobody could help him,” Mr Blunsdon said.
“In the latter months of 2016, he was suffering from anxiety and depression and had thought about taking his life.
“There is no doubt that he deliberately climbed onto the railway bridge and jumped onto the track.”
Joe Pickhaver
On the night of December 10, Joe told his family he was taking their dog out for a walk.
Train driver John Mitchell said that after leaving Faversham at about 9pm he felt something hit his train, which was travelling at 61mph, and saw sparks fly up.
Later, Joe’s father, Chris, became concerned for his son and went out to look for him and found their dog tied to a fence near the footbridge. He then saw Joe face up on the tracks.