Sunday, March 05, 2017

I remember the first thing you said is that 'you are beautiful’ ................

Hello Mr Pip Wilson. 
My name is **********. 
I am a participant from Africa.  
I just wanted to thank you personally for your kind words 
and reminding us that we are beautiful. 

I remember the first thing you said is that 
'you are beautiful’ 
I quickly looked for something else to do, a distraction. 
I asked my friend to help me with my hair. 

Honestly, at first I was not interested because 
I have never thought I am beautiful. 
When people give me any compliments 
I have always thought that they are 
just feeling sorry for me. 

I have never loved anything about myself. 
I am 22 years and I have never owned a mirror. 

The Blobs were my favorite. 
They showed of how different we are and 
I got to understand more about myself and 
even accept who I am.