Monday, May 08, 2017

My first book (never published) just a photocopied thing .......

This was my first ever book ..... a photocopied / stapled / A5 / white paper thing.
A few friends helped me to pull it together in the early '80s.

It was based on the Rolling Magazine content - a wild - full on - loud - energetic - music- games - quick - fire - 2 hour show in a Big Top Tent + 2,000 young people ........ available five times over the week-end at the Greenbelt Festival ....... and eventually spreading all around Europe.

This 'BOOK' had Games from me - Poems by Howard Searle & Songs by Patrick Butler - all stars in the Rolling Magazine.
Great memories for many including me .......

Below is one of the songs by Patrick - it was so so popular - you can see him singing it somewhere in my if you search - and on YouTube too I think.

My first book proper ....... by a real Publisher was 'Gutter Feelings' - in 1985 and topped up with a few years added to my biography in 2010

Gutter Feelings can be found HERE