Monday, May 08, 2017

The impact on learning - by using the #BlobTree Materials

Explore feelings and emotions with
The Blobs
Blob Posters available again!
by Pip Wilson & Ian Long

Blobs are delightful characters (without age or gender) that help to facilitate and stimulate meaningful discussions around feelings and emotions. These creative books, posters and imaginative cards are suitable for all ages.
Blob Tree Posters
Blob Emotions Posters
Blob Tree Posters
Blob Emotions Posters

"Anyone who buys these books, posters and flash cards will find them of enormous value in promoting pupils' emotional and physical well being and safety...worth every penny."
- Carol Smart, Special Needs Information Press

"Provides a whole tool box full of resources to start discussions over a huge range of subjects. It will enable the discussion to be better focused and in more depth."
- Norman Cooper, Facts & Fiction Magazine
Find these posters among the whole range of Blob resources 
The Blobs

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