Monday, May 15, 2017


My 5-A-DAY 

or as I would rather say .......

5 -A-Day
for Emotional


Feelings are signals, information not instructions on how to behave.
Welcome all feelings.
Own them
probe them
learn from them all
embrace the toughest of them
strive to understand them
Manage them NOT control them or suppress them.

Feel your own feelings but not be disabled by them.
Develop new awareness and skills
Practice reading the other person
How they maybe feeling
Their eyes are a light to the soul
Their face spilling 55% of their total communication.
Feel with them, feel for them = empathy.

When aware of a FEELING - learn to trigger THINKING
Feelings travel to the brain faster than thinking.
Learn to ACT not REACT.
Strong feelings can create pressure or stress
Reacting to feelings is not good for you or others.
Our breathing become shallow, breathe deeply with every strong feeling as 
deep breathing brings oxygen into the blood stream.
We are then able to ACT beyond fight or flight reactions.

Share feelings daily as a habit.
Avoid cliche responses to cliche questions.
This will help others too.
'Fine' is not a Feeling.
Start sentences more with "I feel ..."
Rather than "I think …"
Build a set of values & principle which will kick in a thought process.
Build into your life reflective practices such as
Journalling, SWOT analysis, Group support & Team Work.

Share vulnerabilities when you feel them.
Put your own oxygen mask on first.
To have an effective helping relationship we need to feel our own feelings before we can effectively relate or help others.
Feelings are alive in you.
They are part of your beautiful.
As a Rose with Thorns
Sharing vulnerability is being authentic - real.
We all have wounds but we don't need a mask them.
Become comfortable in your own skin and with own feelings.
Becoming more self aware
Learning to give a name to every feeling
Allow well-being to be well-becoming - always developing.

Having a Vision beyond Visibility.