Friday, May 26, 2017

Just one reflection on Manchester

This written by a back-in-the-day member of my Youth Club some 35 years ago ......... from the heart ...........

It is frightening to see troops on our streets. When I saw it I felt like I was watching news from a foreign country.  When I look at my 17 month old grandson playing with his toys and chatting away I wonder what kind of world he will know.  I have loved him since the day he was born; that innocent little face, that grin, the massive smile that reaches his eyes. The way he spontaneously runs over and hugs me just because he wants to or laughs hysterically at a funny face. The way he lights up a room and my life just by being in it. He has been in my life a short while and yet I can't remember him not being here. 

I have cried buckets for those families in Manchester for those beautiful lost children and cannot bear to think of their pain. It is every parents worst nightmare to outlive their child.  People say don't let terrorists win, but as someone said today they have. They want to inflict grief and heartbreak and they have succeeded in doing so. I don't want my daughter and son in law to be brave and go to a west end theatre or museum because what I do know is that none of us would want to be in the shoes of those parents. I will never forget the total shock of that news and I pray for those poor grief stricken families x

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