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Four posters to help children talk about specific emotions

By Pip Wilson and Ian Long
Blobs are a way of communicating using two of the first languages that we learn as children – 

body language and feelings. 

Before we can speak, before we can write, 

we have all learned to read the signs in our parents' faces, 

and appreciate being held and hugged. 

This means that Blobs are an all-age resource. 

Ian has used them in schoolwork with children as young as four who have already begun to 

recognise when they feel like these 'funny people'. 

Blobs live in a strange world that our eyes cannot see but our heart can discern. 

We can learn to 'read' the world emotionally and identify who is walking around with a 

thundercloud over their lives or is like the sun bursting forth!

From the creators of the hugely successful blob tree phenomenon - four more posters on the 

specific emotions of:

  • Happy
  • Disappointed
  • Calm
  • Anger

​Contents:4 posters, A3 (30.5 x 42.5cm), encapsulated; guidance notes 

CD too