Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Three Questions for you as you step into a New-Year - are you up for a Challenge?


I led a group work session
which rolled through with great reflections. 
It was like a flower bed 
full of flowers 
ALL opening up to the sun.
I love it love it ......

I asked three questions to about a dozen 
mainly young humans, 
all full of life and living on the edge - 
maybe you could say - 
the bottom rung .....

It would be good if you could do this and, 
just maybe - just maybe, 
you could email me your answers .... ...........?

You may have picked up one or more of them before, 
if you have clocked my blogs and 
been around for sometime, 
but getting a roll-on with the three questions can be special.

1 There are two doors ahead of you - 
blocking your journey.
One says 'instant perfection' 
the other says 
'gradual growth'
Which door will you chose and why?

The responses to this was fab. 
The learning as different one made comments about, 
if they were perfect, - and how life would be. 
Fab fab.
One good comment was - 
"if I was perfect I would not have any satisfaction any more".

Have a think - ask someone around you.

2 This is called IN THE SWIM
You are on the beach.
What is your usual behaviour?
one - do you stand on the beach 
just looking and and viewing the scene?
two - do you put your toe in the water 
to test the temperature?
three - do you enter the water slowly and 
get used to the temperature and then start to swim?
four - do you dive right in?

Be honest NOW before you read on.

The group really looked at themselves 
as individuals and were honest.
Right - the next question is part 2 ......

? How does the answer to the above, - 
how you behave when swimming, 
relate to the rest of your life ?
Do you dip into the things of life
wade in slowly
dive right in
....... think of the four options.
This relates to work, study, relationships, decisions, faith, ................

Ask people around you and find a fab fab discussion.

3 The last question.
When did you become an adult?
That is it - no definitions - just that straight question.

The answers are fab fab. 
Someone said it was;
"When I was kicked out of home by a stepfather 
and had to sleep in a car and then the street."
I said;
When I was about forty and I accepted myself 
for the first time instead of saying all the time - 
if only I was good looking - 
if only I was educated - 
if only I was slim and not fat - 
if only if only if only .......... 
(that is where the BHP came from)
Your answer will be powerful to you and more-so 
if you say it to someone because 'saying' it 
makes it concrete. 
Otherwise it can stay as a vague thought 
and not really real. 
Ask humans around you that one too. 
wow - things around you can be different ........
...... as a result.

humans being
humans becoming .............

life ?
to be continued ...............................