Friday, February 23, 2018

Group Work in a hostel

If you are homeless, 
living in a hostel, 
have a range of special needs, 
mental health issues, 
low self esteem
own needs are large and in your face. 

I love these humans and they offer me so much back.
We meet on the edge of emotion and spirituality …………… 
we bare - we reveal - 
we learn from the massive amount of knowledge there in each group - 
the university of life is happening as we sit together.
I blog about my life and work almost daily 
and usually share as much as I can without breaking confidentiality. 

= it is a great privilege to meet and talk with, and know, and share with a top business man who is a shaking alcoholic.

= It is fantastic to know and love an ex heroin addict who is only an alcoholic now.

= Great to know a heroin user who has returned to methadone.

= A young woman who from a life on the street and lost in a life of chemicals 
is now moving on in life with emotional and focused stability.

= It hurts like hell to be close to a young woman 
who is hopelessly lost in inadequacy and unable to make a decision.

= it is joy to meet and share hurts in a group when they have been sleeping on the street, 
then to a night shelter, then the ymca …..
..... and to hear determination to be honest with self and step onwards.