Thursday, February 22, 2018

I challenge you to write out a Mission Statement - even if no-one sees it it will be developmental.

“If you can walk, 
you can dance. 
If you can talk, 
you can sing,”
Zimbabwe proverb

I am still dancing in new grooves -
being inspired by all the people I meet and love. 

My mission statement stands solid 
no matter what form of missionary activities I undertake;


Pip Wilson
Mission Statement

I will be an effective lover.
I will live to love -
modeled on my developing 
commitment, understanding 
and faith in God.
I will continue to believe, behave, 
and affirm that all individual 
persons are unique, special and 
- “beautiful human persons”.  
I will demonstrate that, 
verbalise that.
I will live to love 
and active socially and cosmically.