Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to get people moving - development - self-disclosure, self learning.


 Just have a go at this above yourself.
Get yourself moving physically & emotionally.
You ready?

The few words above will tell you about it - the spectrum.
All you need to do is read the art-work = the Blobs.
Then decide which one is you right now?
Touch the screen with one finger - the Blob which describes you?
(Touching is movement & more powerful 
than just looking & thinking)


If you are on your own, doing this, it helps to make this little experience more concrete if you write a few feeling words - (writing is next best thing after speaking with another human)

Why did you choose that Blob?
How you feel now?

If you have done it - participated in this experience.
You will feel it within - it could be a range of feelings BUT the result is unique to you.

I guess you can imagine what it is like to share with one or two other humans about this - whilst they LISTEN...
Whilst you listen to them ..............
(This little experience always triggers our desire to listen to others - a shared experience!)

If you are up-for-it feel free to mail me about the experience.
(See CONTACT at the top of this web-page)
Or tell someone else!
Or do it with someone else?

Thanking you for your involvement.
If you have not done it now - why not later?