Sunday, June 17, 2018

“It’s like losing your father. It’s like becoming an orphan..............."

I had a meal in the YMCA Dining Room as I usually do.
I usually join a table of noisy humans but …….
I sat alone.
Sometimes it is good to do that just to see who decides to sit with me – 
it opens up many different contacts.

Jacky joined me.
He’s from Senegal, with us from the YMCA for one year as a full-time volunteer.
We were joined later by Mr. Singh.
We talked about lots of things.

The war looming.
Me leaving the YMCA in two weeks and 
lots of miscellaneous brief exchanges with passing staff and residents.
Jacky was quiet.
He often stays silent following conversational exchange.

“What are you thinking Jacky?” I ask.
He paused, gentle as he does.
He said in a measured pace.............

“It’s like losing your father.
It’s like becoming an orphan.
Not just for me,
but for everyone,
the whole YMCA”.

He was referring to my departure,
my leaving the YMCA -
this precious community,
I felt those feelings
and I felt blessed.
I was moved.

Pip Wilson