Monday, June 24, 2019

I have great friends from all around #Eastern #Europe and privileged to know and love many from #Georgia. This is powerful stuff.

I have great friends from all around Eastern Europe and privileged to know and love many from Georgia.
This is powerful stuff.
It comes from a man who is ABOUT PEACE -
 - making PEACE 
not just talking about it.
Have dip into these words with an open soul.


These days lots of my friends from all over the globe have been asking me if things and myself are ok; what is happening in Georgia; etc. So, here is the response (rather extensive :) ) to all the questions:

1. I am perfectly ok.
2. Georgia is perfectly ok.
3. There are no anti-russian protests, this is a protest against pro-russian puppets in our government.
4. We are free nation and we choose which direction to take. So, we choose to be independent and to look towards West, not North. WE choose, and only - nobody does it on our behalf.
5. We want to be friends with Russians, but FRIENDS - we are not brothers, sisters or cousins.  We are different with different language, alphabet, customs and traditions. Everything! But We can still be good friends... and this is enough.
6. 20 % of Georgia is occupied by Russia. This is a fact! And friends should recognise that.
7. Russians will always be welcome to Georgia.   But as good guests, not as masters coming to their former dominion.
8. Yes, we lived in the same country for 70 years, but that was artificial country created by force. We never chose to be a part of it in the first place. Now we are free and forever will be. Please respect it.

Hope to see you all in beautiful Georgia!

Your good friend,