Sunday, June 09, 2019

We traveled to London Bronco’s to watch the @Saints1890

It isn't often that @LondonBroncosRL become the front page feature photograph on @LeagueExpress. 

We lost. 
First time the Saints have played in London for ages. 

So we travelled today. 
3 hours drive there
3 hours returning. 

Broncos deserved their win. 
We, top of the #RugbyLeague super league
Broncos bottom!

I congratulated three Broncos fans. 
They appreciated the affirmation. 
One said it was the first time he had seen James Roby, our Captain & hooker, saying it was a big treat to see him play live. 

But this week they are front page in our weekly newspaper. 
And it's an issue packed with great reading. 
Here is that front page.