Friday, January 10, 2020

I have been thinking about myself too much lately. Cancer Update

I have been thinking about myself too much lately.
It is so unusual.
Normally I have so many other people on my mind.
They are still there - but my mind slips into ‘me'.

It’s because of the cancer.
Once Prostate cancer within me - 
now + spine pelvis and one rib.

In terms of Maslow 
I keep slipping into 
from higher plains::
Self Esteem

I am always working on my Wholeness & still am
because I am not feeling ill - or weak.

I still feel
I'm OK - You’re OK = SELF ESTEEM

My heart tells me that I BELONG
due to humans in my life like you
and the love factory called ‘My Family’.

When it comes to SECURITY
I can’t help thinking of a group-work experience.
I was working in a London YMCA Hostel.
Late night gathering around a fondue full of hot chocolate
a pile of donuts & more importantly
a group of special teens with colourful journeys …...

I used the Blob Maslow diagram & 
asked all present to say where they were
in terms of their individual lives.

ONE response will stick in my mind forever::
“Pip, I have felt more and more SECURE in this hostel
then someone kicked my bedroom door in at 4 o-clock in the morning
and now I am back to SURVIVAL”
I think that my emotions takes me back into survival
before I use my mind & it takes hold of reality and then ……
I feel secure in love.

I believe we need to always welcome our feelings
but make sure they are not supreme - 
they are signals but our mind need to be the Boss.

My situation is currently:-
Another monthly Hormone Therapy injection Monday 13.1.2020
The big one will be with my consultant for results of the treatment on 
Friday 20th March 2020.

There is no cure for the cancer but 
the treatment is to halt further growth & 
get the cancer cells to shrink.

Thanking you for your willingness to receive this
and your support, well-wishes / prayers.

Pip 'Belonging & Becoming’ BHP