Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What would you do if you found out your family history contains mass murder?

I want to let out of my system here.

I read something in the Sunday Observer Magazine
which has dug deep into my 'Emotion Detective' passion.

It is about Lilli
and her feelings about her family
back in the day.

See the text below.

The murder of her entire Grandfathers' Family


I guess you can grab the whole story online somewhere
I want to pick up one item of text
about when Lilli travels to find out::
She writes ................

I travel to Hamburg to meet the psychologist Sandra Konrad and ask her about what Sigmund Freud referred to as "emotional inheritance". 
One of Konrad's specialist areas is:: 
the way trauma is passed down through multiple generations. 
She explains that the transmission of trauma can take place on different levels: via genetics, 
our ties to our parents, 
the atmosphere in which we grow up, 
the stories that are told, 
and the stories that are left untold. 

Anything shrouded in silence occupies a particularly significant space. 

She explains that the core of a trauma 
lies in the inability to process terrible experiences, 
to overcome them by grieving, 
and to integrate them into our own stories. 
Unprocessed trauma is then passed on to the next generation, 
revealing itself in their dreams, 
feelings and behaviour. 

I have never read/heard of this theory before.
It relates to my own upstream
and drives me to think of
the many people I have worked with over the years.
Who have never told their story.
Never had the opportunity to let go of some hurt/damage/disturbance
in their family story - historical or more recent.

I believe that every behaviour of ours

* has a purpose
* an objective

I want to understand my behaviour.

The behaviour of others I know
and I work with.

I wonder how you feel reading this?

I wonder if it scratches where you itch.
Maybe want to become an
'Emotion Investigator' too?