Monday, January 27, 2020

We spent some time at the Holocaust Memorial near Brandenburg Gate.

I was in Berlin for a couple of nights last year.
I was treated to tickets for the end of of the Euro Tour of U2.

As well as a great gig I managed to see some of the great city of Berlin.
Here I have a photo of two of my friends Emmo and Ross.
We spent some time at the Holocaust Memorial near Brandenburg Gate.
As a first timer I was impacted.
To think that the Nazi humans in Germany back in the day, 
could do such slaughter.
There are Nazi alive and functioning in our world today - 
worldwide and maybe behaving like the ones once based in Berlin
in a smal, scale
but also not so small ………….

There are humans like me and you
who practice / perform wicked acts agains others who are different::
Colour of skin
and those in  absolute poverty ……………..

"We can see a persons behaviour 
but we can’t see their journey."

The only way to counter behaviours like these is
to love.

I know that within me I sometimes feel a shaft of prejudice inside me
and I turn that on it’s head quickly.
Instead of feeling/thinking the bad stuff
my mind now switches to the positive
Switching to love
(but still aware I can have fleeting thoughts/reactions which are not loving.)

Today is a day to remember massive evil.
Humans slaughtering other humans.
We, as every day humans ourselves,
need to transpose that experience 
into our own individual lives
into our individual actions.

AND it starts internally.
Our soul
which is like a a powerhouse driving our feeling, behaviours, thoughts & actions.
Just take one thing from today which will be a change to your inner being.
Why not write a sentence beginning with 
“I will …………..”

Today is
Doing it
right now::

I will note every time I feel a trigger of prejudice - 
write it in a note book to cement it.